The Ultimate App For Lifestyle Changes​

The Ultimate App For Lifestyle Changes​

The Lively Habits App aims to help more people live a proactive life free of chronic conditions. With the Lively Habits App, you can build 10 healthy habits and make lifestyle changes that will last.

10 Healthy Habits

Reflective Assessment​

Assess your current health condition

The reflective questions on the app establish your starting point with a score that you can improve by adjusting your daily lifestyle choices.

Personal Profile

Understand Your Lifestyle Habits

Get in-depth information to learn about your habits​

Lively Habits App invents a Health Calculator to assess and address users’ risky lifestyle choices. Both positive and negative reinforcements are used in the App with a simple scoring system: 10 points for healthy behavior, 5 points for decent behavior, 0 points for unhealthy behavior.


Keep Track of Your Progress

See all your tracked data in a clear overview

Find all your tracked data in one place. The overview provides a compilation of the data entries from the past year.

Coaching Tips

Personalized Tips For Maximized Health

Helpful resources for you to achieve 100 points

The Lively Habits App is a technology that brings holistic health practices to your fingertips. The helpful resources are meant to guide and condition users to better habits.

Social Support

Build A Social Network

Stay connected

Build a supportive network and share your progress with friends and family to encourage each other. A good support network makes the tough times more bearable and the good times more frequent and more successful!

You Are Always In Control Of Your Data

We keep your data safe and secure and you can always save or delete your data any time. We will never sell your data or use it to show you personalized ads.

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